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The Café Chimes Cookbook

     "Creative cooking is all about transformation. If you mix the ingredients that are right in front of you with a little faith, you can become an exceptional cook."

             Kathleen J. Etter

Cafe Chimes Cookbook
Simply Delicious Vegetarian Cookery to Nurture Your Body & Soul

By Kathleen J. Etter
Illustrated by Shana Myers

ISBN 0-9629651-2-X
xxii, 296 pages

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Healthful and enticing recipes to bring out the vegetarian in all of us!

     This long-awaited book contains over 225 recipes including the author's famous grain casseroles, salads, soups, desserts, and unique homemade breads & muffins. A delightful compendium of delicious recipes, illustrations, poetry, and a special tribute to the author from her friends.

     The Cafe Chimes Cookbook is more than just a book of recipes. It is a very special book with an unusual story. Author Kathy Etter died unexpectedly while the cookbook project was underway. The task of completing the book was taken up by a dedicated group of colleagues and friends, and the book was brought successfully to fruition. The result is a warm and wonderful celebration of food and a cherished author's life.

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     "The Cafe Chimes Cookbook is an inspirational cookbook as well as a moving story about friendship, love, and devotion. The interesting and easily prepared recipes will delight the palate, while the story of the book's creation nourishes the soul. I heartily recommend this book to anyone with an interest in delicious vegetarian cuisine."

Jennifer Raymond
Author of The Peaceful Palate and Fat-free & Easy

   "The Cafe Chimes Cookbook is an enjoyable view of vegetarian cooking and its author, Kathy Etter, who unfortunately passed away too soon. Kathy touched many people with her food, restaurant, cooking classes and enjoyment of the creative mysteries of food preparation. The book was finished by people who knew and worked with the author. There are many touching stories about her life and food. Kathy encouraged creativity and experimentation in her students rather than mechanically reproducing a recipe.

     "It is however, the recipes that make or break a cookbook. This essentially macrobiotic recipe book has many colorful and creative recipes. Kathy had a sense for color in her cooking. Rather than the brown and white colors present in some vegetarian whole food books, these recipes use the entire color palette. The vegetarian favorites are there, of course - hummus, falafel, vegetarian pizzas and soups, good muffins and breads. I enjoyed the tofu, tempeh, and sea vegetable dishes in particular. The recipes are a good blend of vegetarian and Japanese cooking.

     "Cafe Chimes had many friends. This testament to the restaurant and its founder will please vegetarians looking for new ideas as well as the newcomer to vegetarian cooking. One senses the warming soups, hearty sandwiches, and a slower way of living, cooking and eating that the author wished to share. Although no longer with us, her love and mission continues with this light and creative recipe book. The black and white illustrations by Shana Myers are a fitting compliment to the book and its spirit."

Jeff Woodward
Author of The Healing Power of Food

     "I first met Kathy Etter when she attended a lecture I presented at a vegetarian conference. After this initial meeting, Kathleen began offering handouts from The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) to her customers at Cafe Chimes in New Hampshire. She even placed a donation jar on the front counter, and over a period of two years sent VRG more than $500. After reading this new book, I now realize that Kathy supported numerous worthwhile organizations and programs. I also learned that she died suddenly of lung cancer before completing this cookbook and that her friends and co-workers banded together to make sure that the cookbook went to press in her honor. This certainly says a lot about this remarkable woman!

     "Cafe Chimes Cookbook is vegan-friendly (there are vegetarian recipes, some of which can be made vegan by substituting vegan cheese. The chapters include breakfast ideas; breads and muffins; salads, dressings and sauces; soups; sandwiches; grains; tofu and tempeh dishes; vegetable mainstays; and desserts. The recipes were used at Cafe Chimes and reformulated to serve a family...

    " ... This book offers readers the opportunity to prepare delicious meals. Who could ask for more?"

Debra Wasserman
Managing Editor, Vegetarian Journal

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