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The Head of the Bull and Other Short Stories by Philip E. Duffy

     "We live imprisoned within our own assumptions, never suspecting the existence of any other world. But now and again, the story of struggles in someone else's world tears us from the darkness of our own enclosure."
-Philip E. Duffy

The Head Of The Bull
And Other Short Stories

By Philip E. Duffy

ISBN 0-9629651-3-8
x, 139 pages

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Wise and lively tales of imagination

     In his newest collection of short stories, The Head of the Bull, Philip Duffy once again tantalizes the reader with his keen, often wry, insights into human nature. In these wise and imaginative stories, he continues his exploration of the subtle conflicts and epiphanies that can unexpectedly alter the course of people's lives.

     The extraordinary way in which people can differ in their perception of the same events and the consequences of this phenomenon is an evolving theme in Duffy's writing. In The Head of the Bull, the reader will discover his uncanny ability to depict circumstances and emotion of life that are universal.


from the title story, "The Head of the Bull"

     "Suddenly, in one darkened room, she was face to face with the head of a huge bull. It was a creation of ancient Greece, the Minotaur from the island of Crete – that terrible bull which killed all the young men or women placed into its labyrinth. The eyes of the bull were made of rock-crystal, and its muzzle was made of shells. Margaret was fascinated, but the vision of the bull suddenly triggered Arthur's Celtic legend and his description of that snorting bull. It was as if the same monster could exist in two places and follow them around wherever they tried to escape. It all flashed before her eyes - the Greek bull, the Celtic legend, and faces of beautiful and hateful women, all mixed together and moving.

     "She became terrified as the lustrous eyes of the bull were fixed upon her, following her even as she moved about. The eyes made her think that, in some way, the beast was blaming her for some evil within herself. And worse, when she looked past the bull there was a mirror on the wall of the museum in which she saw her reflection - it was the face of a woman full of hate. Margaret had finally seen her second face!"

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