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Moments - a Collection of Short Stories by Philip E. Duffy

A Collection of Short Stories

By Philip E. Duffy

ISBN 0-9629651-0-3
x, 146 pages

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Dr Duffy welcomes contact with readers. He can be reached via e-mail: pnduffy@optonline.net


The first of three provocative and entertaining collections of short stories

In his first collection of short stories, Philip Duffy reflects upon the small, but often critical events occurring in peoples' lives. Sometimes wry, often poignant, the stories demonstrate a keen insight into the human condition.


from "Strata"

     "At this desperate moment, he felt a living body behind him. It was pressing up against him, and powerful vice-like arms surrounded him and closed upon his hands on the wheel (of the ship). To Winterton, it was the end, and he believed that some giant being had risen from the sea to engulf him. He was beyond fear, and he slowly relaxed his hold to allow himself to be washed away by the rushing water. But the vice-like grip from behind would not release him. In actual fact this imagined creature from the deep was Maurice, who had dragged himself along the deck, risen behind his master, and enveloped him with his body and his arms."

from "The Beauty Trap"

     "Judith tried and tried, just as all the other Judiths in the world. She had a few exciting affairs with the men she admired, but she knew she would never want to be in their control every day. As for other types of men, she kept trying them too. But they bored her and she could not really love them...So Judith continues living inside that wonderful exterior, that beautiful face and body, that wondrous shell, that terrible trap."


     "Philip Duffy...brings a calm remove and clinical precision to the pursuit of fiction...At his best, the author highlights the epiphanies that ruffle and occasionally alter the ordinary flow of life.... Written with a cautious reticence, these well-plotted, traditionally structured tales, complete with premise, denouement and moral ending, satisfy and frustrate in varying degrees. There is a tantalizing subtext here, a hint of the subliminal embodied by the repeated appearance in various stories of a female persona - part sprite, part saint, part muse, part idol.... Moments courts the muse while holding her at arm's length. The passion is left unspoken."

Peter Wortsman,
P&S, The Journal of the College
of Physicians and Surgeons
of Columbia University

     "The book is called Moments as an expression of its principal theme - that life harbors special moments by which we evaluate our life experience and by which we are also judged.... The stories are remarkably subtle and insightful, both psychologically and sociologically.... The book is recommended both for its entertainment value and its insights into human nature".

Susan Kinsolving
Author of Among the Flowers,
A collection of poetry published by
Random House, 1993

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